Silfredo La O

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With unstretched canvas on the floor and splashing the paint, Silfredo La O
dances through color with socked feet. As the viewer spends time with the
work representational elements often peek out from behind kinetic fury where
brushes are sparingly used.

Silfredo left a rough, sometimes violent life growing up in Cuba before traveling
to the United States as a professional dancer. Five years ago he settled in
San Diego and is raising a son, teaching dance and beginning his career as an
artist. The paintings are full of the fire of being painted in movement and dance.

Silfredo practices the traditional Cuban religion of Santeria ("the way of the
saints"). These saints are called Orisha, spiritual beings or presences each
interpreted as one of the manifestations of God. Oghun is the orisha of war,
technology, creativity, and art. The passion and aggression of his youth are
channeled into his artwork where, invoking Oghun, he enters a dance that
helps him explore ideas in paint about literal and metaphoric slavery, risk,
the development of civilization and his life in San Diego.